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Aims, Ethos and Vision

Aspiration without limit

Greenland Community Primary School recognises the responsibility it has to the community it serves, and has high expectations of its staff, children and parents. We aim to provide the best possible education through a challenging and exciting curriculum and to be a school of which everyone can be justifiably proud. We actively promote our ethos of supporting every child to meet with success.


To create a happy and secure environment where each child and adult are valued as individuals and where all children have equal opportunity to experience the maximum sense of success.

To offer a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum based on National Curriculum requirements enabling children to use language and number effectively.

To promote moral and social standards such as honesty, politeness, consideration and respect for others, which are essential to a happy, successful community.

To develop skills and attitudes that will enable our children to become active and independent learners whilst appreciating achievement and in doing so, preparing them for life in a fast changing society.

To promote good citizenship and community cohesion.

To promote respect for oneself, others and the environment through:

  • The establishment of simple codes of behaviour which ensure the safety and well-being of all (both children and adults).

  • Providing a calm, caring and sympathetic environment where children and adults see their work as valued.

  • Valuing positive input, with an emphasis on praise and rewards, and raising the self-esteem of children and adults.

  • Promoting equality of opportunity for all.

To maintain a strong and committed team of staff by encouragement, positive appraisal and personal development and to create an atmosphere where all staff feel confident in exchanging opinions and ideas, knowing they will be valued.

To regularly set targets for improvement and to measure progress against them.

To maintain a Governing Body who play an active part in the overall management of the School and contribute to both the curricular and pastoral life of the School.

To provide parents with information and advice they may need in respect of the children’s achievement and progress, and to value and encourage their contribution to the life of the School.

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